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TryEngineering Together (TET)

Eager to spark your students’ STEM curiosity?  TryEngineering Together is a 1:1 STEM eMentoring program for grade 3-8 classrooms in the United States.

TryEngineering Summer Institute

The TryEngineering Summer Institute (TESI) is an exciting two-week, on-campus engineering summer camp for high school students held at premier universities across the United States.

Make a Light Bulb with Batteries Sponsored Lesson by IEEE REACH. IEEE REACH offers a one-stop shop of free resources that bring to life the history...
Light Sculpture Sponsored Lesson by KeySight Technologies This challenge encourages students to engage their creative side to design a light sculpture that expresses the personality of the...
Complexity - It's Simple This lesson allows students to learn about complexity through illustrative games, teamwork activities and design tasks. Students will gain an intuitive understanding...
Get Connected With Ohm's Law This lesson plan demonstrates Ohm’s Law (E = I x R). Students use digital multimeters to collect data that are plotted...
Be a Scanning Probe Microscope This lesson explores how these microscopes gauge the surface of materials at the nano level. Students work in teams to learn...
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TryEngineering Tuesday

Profiles & FAQs

Nita Patel
“Learn to appreciate failures as much as you do the successes and never give up an opportunity to experiment or try something new.” Systems and Software...
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How do engineers make a difference in their communities? In the world?
Think about the world around you: airplanes, automobiles, electricity, cell phones, medications … even a bottle of water – everything man-made has been designed by...
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