This month’s topic is all about the importance of Cyber Security. Cyber Security isn’t just about hacking and firewalls. Some of the most simple Cyber Security is keeping your own information safe. In the present day, where everyone uses the internet for their everyday life, Cyber Security has become more and more important. 

It is important for students to learn to protect themselves on the internet. Things like protecting your private information and passwords is what Cyber Security is all about. So come and join the IEEE Computer Society and discover all about how to stay safe online and protect yourself from all forms of cyber attacks.

  • View the TryEngineering Tuesday Cyber Security Webinar with IEEE Computer Society volunteer and Cyber Security expert, Congmiao Li. 
  • Have fun and learn all about Cyber Security from this fun and easy to understand Powerpoint created by the CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency)
  • Learn what a cyberattack is and how to to prevent it using simple Cyber Security with Simplilearn.
  • Have you ever wondered about what a a Cyber Security professional does, if so, then join Tryengineering as we read The Value of Cyber Security
  • If becoming a Cyber Security Professional sounds like fun, then Tryengineering is here to show you these Coding Bootcamps.

Image Source: Kids Presentation 

Have fun and learn more about Cyber Security by trying out some hands-on activities.

  • Teach student skills needed to succeed in the cyber security workforce with these cyber security lessons for all ages from  
  • Watch your students have a blast playing this fun game, Interland, teaching them about the world of Cyber Security and how to be safe online.
  • Join ABCya and learn all about the five rules of cyberspace and discover how to stay safe on the internet.
  • Have students learn more about staying safe on social media with Thinkuknow, where students can have fun and learn at the same time!
  • Learn about safe online surfing through entertaining games at FBI’s Safe Online Surfing
  • Join Nettie and Webster as they journey through the internet and try to get back home to Net Smart Neighborhood.

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Be inspired by hearing how your peers are making a difference in their communities and then try it yourself! 

Have a different idea on how to make a positive difference in your community? Be creative! Then share with the TryEngineering family to inspire others to do the same.

Image Source: Cyber Security Awareness Month 

  • Write down at least one new thing that you learned about Cyber Security.
  • Think about how to inspire others and make a difference in your community. 
  • Have you, a family member, or teacher share your work on Facebook or Twitter using #tryengineeringtuesday. We want to hear from you!  
  • If you tried any of the activities, make sure you download your IEEE Computer Society Cyber Security Badge. Collect them all and store them using this Badge collection tool.

Thank you to the IEEE Computer Society for making this TryEngineering Tuesday possible!