This month’s topic is all about the new and evolving world of 5G. There’s a lot of buzz circulating around this next generation cellular network. 5G promises to change the way people live and work, through unprecedented digital speeds, reduced lag, and better connectivity for a broader range of devices.

Explore the exciting and fast-paced world of 5G. These resources help you to learn all about 5G technology, how it works, and how it might enhance your daily lifestyle. 

  • Join Tao Han, an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) and IEEE Communications Society for the TryEngineering Tuesday Webinar on 5G. 
  • Discover just what kids know about 5G and how they respond to learning about it on
  • Whistleout teaches about the different types of 5G and just how fast they truly are.
  • How exactly does 5G work? Learn how with this video from Engadget. 
  • Find out all about the different technologies that allow for 5G to exist and how it can improve our internet with this video from IEEE Spectrum
  • Read about a typical day for Mr. G in the 5G era, brought to you by GSMA

Image Source: Everything You Need to Know about 5G by IEEE Spectrum

Have fun and learn more about 5G by trying out some hands-on activities.

Image Source: 5G Communications Word Search by IEEE Communications Society

Be inspired by hearing how your peers are making a difference in their communities and then try it yourself! 

  • Learn about how students continue to innovate the field with this Ericsson article about students who won a 5G innovation competition. 
  • Here are some of the university winners of Verizon’s competition, 5GEdTech challenge, to use 5G to innovate education.

Have a different idea on how to make a positive difference in your community? Be creative! Then share with the TryEngineering family to inspire others to do the same.

Image Source: Verizon reveals 5G education tech winners, hints at next 5G cities  by

  • Write down at least one new thing that you learned about 5G.
  • Think about how to inspire others and make a difference in your community. 
  • Have you, a family member, or teacher share your work on Facebook using #tryengineeringtuesday. We want to hear from you!  
  • If you tried any of the activities, make sure you download your IEEE Communications Society Badge. Collect them all and store them using this Badge collection tool.

Thank you to the IEEE Communications Society for making this TryEngineering Tuesday possible!