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Content matching: Properties of Materials

Lesson focuses on how canoes, which have been hand built for centuries, have been impacted by engineered materials and manufacturing processes over the years. Student teams design and build a...
Lesson focuses on how plastics of all sorts have been engineered in to everyday products over the past century, with emphasis on materials selection and engineering.
Demonstrate how product design differences can affect the success of a final product -- in this case a bag for holding candy. Students work in pairs to evaluate, design, and...
Lesson focuses on how engineers have to design objects to meet the needs of users, while considering the limitations of materials, and the implications of cost.
Lesson focuses on how materials behave differently as their surface area increases. Students learn about nanotechnology and how engineers can harness the differences in how materials behave when small to...
Demonstrating the concept of conducting or insulating electricity. Note: This lesson plan is designed for classroom use only, with supervision by a teacher familiar with electrical and electronic concepts.