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TryEngineering empowers educators to foster the next generation of technology innovators – but we can’t do it alone. Help us provide resources to teachers and students worldwide by becoming a sponsor or partner organization.


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Reach an audience of K-12 teachers, students and parents through newsletters, lesson plans and website advertising.  Our website is designed to provide resources to teachers and raise student interest and awareness in engineering, computing and technology.  

Audience Demographics:

  • 1.8 million views annually 
  • Over 150,000 average views per month
  • Over 20,000 total blog post views


1 month   3 months       6 months
Home page Ad $1,500       $1,455/mo.     $1,335/mo.
SideBar Ad $1,000 $970/mo. $890/mo.
Lesson Plan Ad $1,200 $1,160/mo. $1,068/mo.
Sponsored Blog Post $1,200 $1,160/mo. $1,068/mo.
University Search Ad        $750 $500 $500

Note: Multiple months discount given.  Ads are released on the 1st of each month

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