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STEM Program Submission

Volunteer STEM Portal

Share your Program

Please contribute to IEEE’s global impact on pre-university STEM students everywhere!

SHARE your pre-university STEM programs so we can share them with IEEE volunteers around the world enabling them to learn from your success.

Join us in our vision to encourage youth to see themselves as someone who can improve the world through STEM by sharing your program.


STEP 1:  Prepare to Share your Program

  • It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete the program submission form.
  • See how your program will look on the site by viewing this sample program.
  • Gather all the needed information about your program including volunteer requirements; venue, materials and marketing information; number of participants; and any photos or videos.

STEP 2: How to Share your program? 

  • Click the “Submit Now” button below.
  • Once you submit, you will get a confirmation email that it was received.


STEP 3: What happens after you submit your program?  

  • Program Review. The Pre-University Education Coordinating Committee (PECC) will review your program within 15 business days. To learn more about the rubric and design principles check out the Volunteer STEM Portal User Guide.
  • Implementation Guide. You will get an email that your program has been reviewed and will be part of the library of programs. To finalize the process you will need to complete the implementation guide (It gives other volunteers more details about your program and how they might be able to implement it in their community). You will get a link to the form to fill out.  This will take approximately 30+ minutes to complete. 
  • Program is Posted to the Volunteer STEM Portal. Once your implementation guide is submitted, you will receive a final email (within 10 business days) that your program has been posted to the portal.
  • Let Everyone Know your Program is on the Portal. In that same email, you will also get a Volunteer STEM Portal logo (with embed code) that you can add to any events (connected to your program) that you post to vTools. Your event will get the Volunteer STEM Portal logo designation, letting others who view the event on vTools and in our portal event feed know that your program is on the Pre-University Volunteer STEM portal. 

Volunteer STEM Portal FAQ

  • Is your STEM Outreach a Program or an Event?

    A program, in the context of the portal, is a defined plan that describes your STEM Outreach Activity and is part of the Portal Library. It includes your target audience(s), a summary of the activity, guidance on how you organized and implemented it and a report on your most recent event. To post your program to the Portal Program Library: SHARE YOUR PROGRAM 

Event:An event, in the context of the portal, is the actual occurrence or implementation of your program (or activity). It is when you plan to or did engage your audience. For example your program might be a “career panel.” When it is scheduled on the calendar it is an event to hold and report on when it is completed.  To post your upcoming Event to the Portal Event Feed: SHARE YOUR EVENT

    • Not all events will be connected to a program in the portal but instead may be an isolated event.
    • It is possible for a program to have one or more events.
      For example, you are holding a student hackathon. The hackathon is the program. But you are holding this on two consecutive Saturdays. Each day of the hackathon is considered an event for reporting purposes.
  • Can I submit past programs?
    Yes. We recommend programs in the last couple of years.
  • Can I upload my program resources in a different language?
    Yes. If you upload program resources in a different language. Your program will have an icon noting resources are in that language.

  • How can I find funds to implement my STEM Program idea?
    You can apply for the new Volunteer STEM Portal Grant program.
  • Can I submit a program idea and get feedback?
    Yes, you can post ideas to the new Collabratec IEEE Pre-University STEM Community for feedback from the community.